Why Stocks?

Investing in the Stock market is historically proven to be one of the best investments and wealth builders. The S&P 500 Index has approximately generated an average annual return of 10%-11% since its creation in 1926 till 2018.
If you have invested $10,000 for 20 years with an annual return of 10% and only re-invested the profits without adding a dollar, you could’ve turned that into $67,275.

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How to Buy Stocks in UAE


Investing in
US & International

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Investing with a
professional Financial
Advisor in the UAE

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in the UAE
local market

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01. Investing in the US & International markets from UAE:

Even when residing in the UAE, you can still buy US  stocks and ETFs. It is never too late to start investing and building your portfolio by investing a lump sum amount or making a monthly contribution as little as you can afford.

Benefits of investing internationally

  • Bigger potential for growth

  • Ability to diversify the portfolio

  • Minimize the risks of putting your capital in one market.

Always be aware of:

01.Reliability of brokers
02.Brokers’ fees

Multiple brokers enable you to invest in the US and international stock market. We have done the research for you, tried many of them ourselves, and shortlisted the best brokers as per our rating.

02.Investing with a professional
Financial Advisor in the UAE:

If you are new to investing and unsure of where and how to start, or you simply don’t have time to focus on your investments, then it might be wiser to work with a financial advisor, as this option will give you the chance to learn along the way until you feel confident enough to start investing on your own.

At The Finance Dean, you can benefit from our network since we don’t work exclusively with just one advisory company. This, in return, gives us the utmost flexibility to connect you with the best advisors in town, who can meet your expectations, and help you achieve your financial goals.

We make sure that the Financial Advisors we work with have the following:

  • Required education Level

  • Top notch experience

  • Integrity & work ethics

A financial advisor’s role is to study your current financial position, understand your financial goals, and analyze the number of risks you are willing to take so they can draw the ‘Perfect’ investment plan to help you achieve your goals the fastest possible way.

You’ll be able to consult with the top advisors right here in the UAE for FREE. They will provide you with the expert investing advice you need.

Start working with your Financial Advisor

Damodhar MataCert CII - MDRT COT - Financial Planner

A certified financial planner with +15 years of experience in the banking and financial industries; he has worked with multinational and regional organizations like Barclays Bank PLC, ABN Amro, Citibank and Mashreq.

Damodhar has helped many UAE expats to build wealth and achieve financial independence.

Consult Damodhar
Simon SnelderMBA - Financial Advisor

Simon is an MBA graduate from the University of Wollongong, Dubai. He worked for 7+ years in the financial industry in the UAE before joining Holborn Assets.
Simon speaks English and Dutch fluently, along with basic Spanish. Aside from helping clients and keeping up with global market trends, he enjoys travelling, concerts, independent films, squash and football. Simon is passionate about helping expats achieve their financial goals

Consult Simon
Benson S Paul Financial Advisor

Benson is qualified financial advisor with 4+ years of experience; his clientele consists of time precious professionals looking for advice on compounding their wealth and planning for a second source of income. These professionals work in high-pressure jobs and understand the importance of working with an advisor.

Benson is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and generating a passive income through investing.

Consult Benson

What to expect from any of our selected Financial Advisors?

Your financial advisor will first meet you and start with the relevant questions to thoroughly understand your current financial standings and goals.

Next, they will show you all investment options tailored to your goals and explain each option’s pros and cons so that you can decide confidently.

After starting, you will be meeting regularly to discuss the performance and to adjust your investment portfolio as per the market condition if needed.

03.Investing in the UAE local market:

As a resident in the UAE, you can take advantage of investing in the local stock market. There are multiple promising sectors and companies with high growth potential.

Be aware that if you are planning to buy stocks of the UAE local companies, you need to open a brokerage account.

You can see here a list of all brokers in the UAE.

Setting your investing account will give you access to invest in the following markets:

Dubai Financial Market DFM
> Nasdaq Duabi
> Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)
> Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)


Click Here For More Details on How to Invest in UAE Stock Market


You can also choose to work with an expert portfolio manager who can guide you and manage your portfolio.

There is no minimum requirement; you can start working with the portfolio manager with as little as you can afford to invest.

Get in touch and have a discovery call.

It’s COMPLETELY FREE and there are absolutely no commitments to work with them afterwards

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