Why Invest with a professional Financial Advisor?

If you are new to investing and not sure where and how to start, or your time doesn’t allow you to focus on your investments, you have the option to work with one of the best financial advisors in UAE, you can also learn from this experience so you can invest by your own later on.

At The Finance Dean, we do our best to recommend the best financial advisors in UAE and connect people with professionals to help them achieve their financial goals.

We make sure that the Financial Advisors we recommend have the following:

  • Required education Level

  • Enough experience

  • Integrity to advise you with the best investment for your goals

The role of a financial advisor is to study your current financial position, understand your financial goals and analyze the number of risks that you are willing to take so that the ‘Perfect’ investment plan can be drawn to help you achieve your goals the fastest possible way.


You’ll be able to consult with the top advisors right here in the UAE for FREE. They will provide you with expert investing advice you need.

Services Financial Advisors offer:

A good financial advisor will inquire about your goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

They help you invest your money by proposing a specific investment or offering you complete investment management.

The financial advisors in UAE generally offer the following services:

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your pension or you’re approaching retirement,
Planning for it is such a comprehensive job, but you got pretty options to do that. This is where a financial advisor in UAE comes in. A financial advisor will help sift through several options and products to help you retire without worrying about your financials.

Financial advisors can help you determine tax-efficient investment strategies. They can also advise you on ways to help maximize your savings when it comes to tax payments.

Many people prefer to have second citizenship since no one knows what the future might bring; therefore, financial advisors give you the opportunity to obtain a second passport by investment. They can advise you on the easiest and fastest way to get dual citizenship without traveling.

Many expats prefer to keep part or all of their money outside the country they are residing in. A good financial advisor can provide you with the best options for off-shore baking to keep your money in a safe place outside the country.

Because securing your family’s financials if something happened to you is the most important thing, the Financial Advisor can get you the best offer for life insurance and critical illness protection.

Many financial advisors give you the opportunity to invest in real-estate markets outside the UAE without the need to travel. They enable you to buy properties, rent them out, and sell them from the comfort of your home.

Let us connect you with the best financial advisors (COMPLETELY FREE):


Now you can benefit from our wide network of best financial advisors in the UAE.

We have connections with multiple advisors across different companies. We don’t work exclusively with anyone, which gives us the advantage to recommend the best advisor in the market based on your specific requirements.

Again, we are COMPLETELY FREE guide, and we will never charge you anything at any stage of the process.

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Who Needs a Financial Advisor in UAE?:

You need a financial advisor if you fall under one or more of the below types:


Struggling with your financials and burdened with debts
If you feel that you have a good income, yet you are not able to save money. Also, a significant part of your income is going to credit cards and loans; then, you need a professional advisor who can organize your financials.


You are a salaried employee, and you can save a decent part of your salary
If you are able to save at least 15% of your monthly income and want to grow your savings, you probably need to talk to a financial advisor and check the solutions they propose.


You have savings in the bank that you’d like to grow
The most important thing when it comes to your financial life is to have an emergency fund covering 3-6 months of your basic expenses. Suppose you kept this emergency fund aside, and still you have extra money sitting in your bank account. In that case, you need to hire a financial advisor to help you invest your savings because money sitting in the bank and not invested is losing its value over time.


You have kids
It’s common that the moment you have a kid, you start thinking about your financials and how to secure the best education and financial future for your kids. However, doing so requires a high level of commitment and consistency in investing. You probably wouldn’t do better than a financial advisor who can help you manage your money and reach your long-term goals.


You are a high net-worth individual
If you are a high net-worth person, you most likely need a professional to manage your wealth, tax planning, and real estate.

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What Can You Expect From ANY Of Our Selected Financial Advisors?

Your personal financial advisor will first interview you with relevant questions to thoroughly understand your current financial standings and goals. Next, they will craft out a tailored investment options just for you based on your needs.

They’ll even help you budget and secure your future with proper financial planning so that you have a lucrative roadmap to follow with ease.

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