Why Real Estate?

Real estate is one of the best investment options; it provides both capital appreciation and passive income.

However, one of the challenges of investing in real estate is that it requires a large capital. Below, we will explore different methods to curb this problem and how anyone can start investing even with little money.

Here are Three Ways to
Invest in Real Estate in the UAE:

Buy A Property
In The UAE

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Invest in real estate
investment trusts (REIT)

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01. Buy A Property In The UAE:

Buying a property in the UAE is generally considered a smart move if done correctly. You can get the UAE real estate market’s benefits when you do your research and work with the right expert.

Why to buy a Property in the UAE:

  • 01.

    Annual rental up to 7% - 8% which is considered high compared to other markets

  • 02.

    Capital growth over long-term when choosing the right location

  • 03.

    UAE Residency obtained when owning a property worth of AED 1 million + *Terms & Conditions Appy

Yes, the real estate market goes through cycles and prices go up and down, yet, as historically proven, you will most likely enjoy the capital gains if you hold the property for a long period of time.

Interested to learn more about Property Investments In The UAE?


We have CAREFULLY done our research and arranged a free consultation with TOP CLASs Real estate experts who will be happy to do the follow:
  • Provide you with a complete overlook of the UAE real estate market
  • Explain the potential opportunities and risks
  • Advise you on the best locations of the existing and off-plan projects that have highest return on investment
  • Assist you with every possible way, whether you are seeking to buy, sell or invest

What’s more, the call with the real estate experts is COMPLETELY FREE with absolutely no commitments of working with them in the future.

So why the wait? Get in touch now and start your investment journey.

02.Crowd Funding:

One of the problems with Real Estate investment is budget limitations. If your budget is tight, but you still want to invest in the Real Estate market, you can try out Crowd Funding.


What is Real-Estate Crowd Funding?

Crowd funding is raising capital from a pool of investors, each of them contributes a certain amount, then the crowd funding company uses the investors capital to buy properties, rent them out and distribute the rental income to investors.

Why to invest in Crowd funding?

Real estate Crowd funding is secure since your money will be held in a separate custodian bank account.

  • Get the benefit of Investing in real estate market with as low as AED 500

  • Provides passive income through rental returns

  • Diversify your investment by investing small amounts in various projects to reduce the risk

If you would like to invest in the UAE real estate market with little capital, or to diversify your investment to multiple properties and enjoy the rental income, check out Smart Crowd. It’s the leading crowd funding platform in the market.

Check out SmartCrowd Full Review

03.Invest in real estate investment trusts (REIT):

REIT stands for “real estate investment trust”. In simple words, It is a company or fund that invests in real estate. REITs provide investors with a simple way to get income from property without the need to the buy property itself.

REITs gather many investors’ capital to buy real estate assets then distribute any profits generated from related rentals to all the contributing investors.

Properties under the REIT portfolio usually include apartments, hotels, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and any commercial properties that have high potential to reap a lot of profits via rentals.

Many REITs are publicly traded in the stock exchange platforms and are trusted by large number of investors worldwide. You can start investing in REITs by purchasing their shares through stockbrokers and enjoy healthy returns with very little work involved.

Why to invest in REITs:

  • You’ll get<br/>dividends

    You’ll get

  • REITs showed good performance over the long-term

    REITs showed good performance over the long-term

  • RIETs are highly liquid and shares can be sold very quickly

    RIETs are highly liquid and shares can be sold very quickly

  • Portfolio<br/>diversification


Where to buy REITs:

REITs are listed on stock exchanges and can be bought through a broker as regular stocks are.

There are multiple funds in the UAE that provide access to local REITs that hold both commercial and residential properties.


> Emirates REIT

Over $ 855 million of assets under management


> Emirates NBD REIT

Over $ 366 million of assets under management



Warning: Trading CFDs on a leveraged basis involves a significant amount of risk


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