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NBH Company is a precious metals & financial services group specializing in precious metals trading. With a trading license# 689061, NBH offers users an online platform where they can trade gold with spot prices and redeem the bars and coins at any point of time and it will be delivered to their address.


How to buy gold on NBH Market:

There are three ways to buy gold through NBH:

  • Visit the company store:
    People can buy the physical precious metals by visiting the company stores in Dubai or Sharjah.
    – Dubai Gold souq, Deira
    – Sharjah the Central Market, Al Qasmiya.
  • Online from the company website:
    People can buy precious metals online by visiting the company website and it will be delivered to their address.
  • Open a Bullion Account:
    It is an online trading platform where users can open an account and buy, hold and sell precious metals in different forms with the international spot prices. Also, they can redeem their gold purchases at any time and it will be delivered to their doorstep.Users have the option to start with a demo account to get the experience of the platform.This is how the Demo account looks like.
    – The main table shows the different precious metal forms users can buy, such as KG, grams or Oz.
    – The table on the right shows the account summary details such as balance, the profit/losses and the margin details
    – The table on the bottom shows the currently opened positions with the value, price purchased and the profit/loss value


Accounts & Fees:

* Spreads can change due to market conditions. (This is an example for Golf Oz)


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of precious metals are available on Bullion account platform?

Gold kg, Silver Oz, Gold TT, Silver KG, Gold Gram, Gold Oz


Is there a minimum amount for trading?

Gold kg, Silver Oz, Gold TT, Silver KG, Gold Gram, Gold Oz


What is the difference between buying from the E-store or through the Bullion Account?

From the online store, you can buy physical metals without having the trading or the storing facility. You just shop for the precious metals, buy and the physical bars or coins will be delivered to your destination.
While through Bullion Account you can buy, sell, hold & store for a long term, and even redeem your physical precious metals without any timing restrictions.


What charges are there for trading with NBH?

There are no charges when buying and selling the precious metals on the Bullion account, only the spread.

The charges will occur only when the physical redemption is requested. The company charges a premium and making charges. However, you will have to pay making charges anywhere else you buy a physical gold from as well.

The below table shows the charges that will occur when the physical redemption is requested.

*Note: Charges shown above are provided by the company on January 2021 and it might go higher or lower in the future. You may contact the company in case you decided to redeem your purchased metals and ask for the updated costs.


How do I withdraw fund?

You only need to fill the withdrawal form and your funds will be transferred to your registered bank account. This process might take up to 72 hours in the normal market conditions.


How long time does it take to redeem my physical bars or coins?

It will take 2-3 working days in the normal market conditions


Can I sell my physical gold that I bought from NBH anywhere outside the UAE?

NBH bullion bars & coins are matched with the Dubai Good Delivery Standards (DGD) or the London Good Delivery Standards (LGD).
NBH are selling & buying both local (such as Emirates Gold) and global brands like; PAMP, Credit Suisse and VALCAMBI. You can also sell the physical items back to them, or anywhere in the world.


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